This is a high-level overview of my approach to consulting and the sort of problems I can help with. Feel free to contact me for more details.


With my broad experience in data science, software engineering, and artificial intelligence, I can help in a variety of situations. My key offerings are:


When approaching consulting engagements, I aim to follow these key principles:

  • Getting to know you and the root of your business problems.
  • Iteratively implementing pragmatic solutions.
  • Saying what I’ll do, doing what I said, and communicating if anything changes.


Examples of the above offerings:

  • A short call to discuss an ongoing computer vision project, where the client was unsure the consultant they’ve retained was on the right path. I provided advice on where they should focus, based on my experience with best practices in such projects.
  • An internal consulting project with Automattic, where the aim was to increase customer retention rates. Artefacts from this project are still in use by the company five years later.
  • I served in data & AI leadership roles with multiple startups. While those weren’t fractional, a clear theme is that it’s hard for non-data people to make the first data hires and give them the right tasks. These are the sort of items I can help with fractionally.

Ideal clients and areas

My main interest these days is helping startups and scaleups within the climate tech and nature-positive sector. However, I’m happy to discuss any project that is likely to have a positive impact on humanity and our shared environment.

I have worked with large companies (Intel, Qualcomm, Google, and Commonwealth Bank), a unicorn scaleup (Automattic –, several startups (like Orkestra – renewable energy space, and Car Next Door – now Uber Carshare), and nonprofits (Reef Life Survey, GetUp!, and Work on Climate). As an independent consultant, I prefer working with stakeholders who have skin in the game, which typically means working with small-to-medium organisations in settings where it’s possible to quickly ship iterative solutions.

Next steps

Contact me if you’re interested in working together.