You can't save time

Quoting How to Speak Whale: A Voyage into the Future of Animal Communication by Tom Mustill (wonderful book!):

I was gobsmacked. A whale lands on you and disappears. End of story. But thanks to lots of people who liked looking at whales and their intelligent machines, it was not the end at all. Machine learning and other branches of AI influence our daily lives in myriad ways. They have helped this book come into existence, with an algorithm transcribing the hundreds of hours of interviews I conducted for it. Other algorithms have checked my spelling and finished my sentences for me as I typed them. Google’s effective prediction of my email responses has made me realize how predictable a lot of my writing is (sorry, reader), and by extension, perhaps, most human language is. It has saved me huge amounts of time, and I have ended up spending this saved time procrastinating by looking at my phone, at news apps and shopping sites and social media, all of which have been beautifully designed and pumped full of AI whose purpose is to suck up my time and money and data.



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