The three Cs of indie consulting: Confidence, Cash, and Connections

Since realising that the lines between solo consulting and product building are blurry, I’ve been consuming a lot of Jonathan Stark’s materials on positioning, value pricing, and related topics. I mostly read and listen to his content, but this short video hits the nail on the head:

The quick summary is that you should have the following before you quit your job to become a solo consultant:

  1. Confidence that you can deliver immediate value to your clients.
  2. Cash to get you through the tough times.
  3. Connections to ideal buyers in your target market.

When I quit my last job, my plan was to take some time off, and then look at building a solo product business. It took me a while to consider consulting as a serious pursuit – I was definitely not thinking of things like ideal buyers in my target market, let alone how to connect to them and maintain relationships over time. I do have the confidence, and I’m not strapped for cash, but getting the positioning right and building connections is a long-term play. Anyone who’s quitting with the intention of consulting a soloist should definitely keep the three Cs in mind!

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