Atomic Habits is full of actionable advice

I recently picked up the Audible version of Atomic Habits, mostly because I kept seeing it everywhere. I wasn’t disappointed. It immediately gave me ideas for improving my routines based on a cursory listen. I will definitely revisit it and refer to resources like the habit cheat sheet in the future.

As a test, I used several tips to form better habits around sending messages (which is often a cause for procrastination):

  • Habit stacking: Send one message after my morning workout (chained to an existing positive habit).
  • Temptation bundling and reinforcement: After the message is out, have a snack.
  • Tracking: Tick a box once the message is sent, which adds up to a lovely streak.

…and it worked! It feels a bit odd consciously training myself like this, but it’s better than the alternative of sticking to bad habits and procrastination.

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